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Welcome to the Naples Ferrari Club


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The Ferrari Club Means Great Car Shows

The Thrill off All that Horsepower!

Naples Member Greg Griffin wins CCR US Forza Championship in 458

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Cars on 5th 2017 will be held February 11, 2017


13th ANNUAL ‘CARS ON 5TH’ – February 11th, 2017

The Naples Chapter of the Ferrari Club of America is proud to announce the 13th Annual ‘Cars on 5th’show in Naples. Set for Saturday February 11th, 2017, on Fifth Avenue South. The thirteenth annual show will be better than ever.

The Ferrari Club of America is the largest Ferrari club in the world with over 6,000 members that benefit from its activities, events and enthusiast camaraderie.

The 2016 show broke all previous attendance records, and with over 550 private entries and dealer cars, the displays on the street were outstanding. Rarely can such a superb collection of exotics and collector cars be found in one location, and there were plenty of enthusiasts on hand to enjoy the show. The attendance estimates numbered nearly 50,000, and there was lots to see and enjoy in the lovely Naples weather.

The ‘Cars on 5th’ show is also about helping the community and giving to those in need. Donations from the attendees and individual contributions to our featured charities have raised over $600,000 over the past 12 years. The 2017 13th Annual Cars on 5th will benefit our featured Naples charity, St. Matthews House, which gathers contributions of food and clothing, the proceeds from which help operate food pantries and shelters to care for the homeless and hungry of our community. Structured recovery programs are also undertaken.

Our sponsors include Ferrari of Tampa Bay, Seminole Casino, Naples Bentley-Porsche, Naples Motorsports, Blackhorse Motors, Fidelity Investments, Gulf Coast Motorworks and more. These dealers will once again bring a fine selection of exotic and classic cars, adding to the hundreds of enthusiast-owned entries that will fill Fifth Avenue in February.

And of course, over 100 Ferraris will be on display with a fine mix of vintage and current V-8s and V-12s from Maranello that are guaranteed to please the crowds. We expect to have several new 488GTBs and Spiders on display.

The British contingent will include Jaguar, Lotus, Triumph and the stately Bentleys. Porsches will be plentiful including some rare race cars. American cars will not be overshadowed, with over 60 Corvettes and other muscle cars expected.

The Mercato section of the show will be bigger than ever with a multitude of businesses. Artists, jewelers, and automotive services, and accessory suppliers will be on hand to serve the thousands of potential clients at the show.

To conclude the show all car owners will start their cars at 4 PM sharp for a resounding Drive-Off by over 500 cars. It is a fitting send off for what is to be another successful ‘Cars on 5th’ here in Naples Florida.

Mercato Show

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FCA Naples Governance


Tom O’Riordan – President

Bill Young – Treasurer


Steve Cantera (Past President)

Dennis Flint

Mike Ferguson

Gary Karnes


Social Committee

 Allie Todd – Chairman


Contact info:

Ferrari Club of America – Naples Chapter

Email – events at naplesferrariclub dot com

490 Renard Court

Marco Island,  FL  34145

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A Message from the FCA-Naples Chapter Board


“The Naples Ferrari Club is the local Chapter of the Ferrari Club of America.”

We are part of the Florida FCA Region. We are a very active chapter meeting monthly in season and at least twice a month during the high season.  We manage one of the premier car shows in the US,  Cars on 5th,  with more than 500 luxury, exotic, muscle, and performance cars in February of each year.  We also run the Mercato Car Show in December of each year.  We have an enthusiastic group of seasonal members that join us for the many events we held throughout the year.  We welcome all FCA members and encourage membership in the FCA and support of the Ferrari marque.  If you are a current FCA member and would like to be added to our email list, send a request with your contact information, FCA member number, and email address by using our convenient contact form located at this link >CLICK HERE<.”

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